buy Clomid Bosnian Serb Army General Ratko Mladi? leads Bosnian Serb forces and Yugoslav army elements in a ferocious counterattack to wrest the strategic area, which pokes east like a sore thumb into neighboring Serbia, from the Muslims. Within four days, they push the Srebrenica soldiers back. The Skelani offensive costs Srebrenica dearly. More than fifty soldiers are killed and more than 150 wounded. The brother of one of those killed takes revenge on two of the last few “loyal” Serbs who remain in Srebrenica, killing a debilitated, immobile woman and her well-liked caretaker and son, “Zech” (Rabbit) with a rifle butt. The killer is captured and jailed.* * * merck proscar But an ambush would indeed show the Chetniks that the villagers planned to stand their ground and resist attack. Perhaps the villagers could even manage to capture a few automatic weapons to add to their pitiful arsenal of old hunting rifles.
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