This had been my go-to karaoke song in college in St. Louis. At this point, Lindsey doubted I would remember it. Ejub took Mubina and Denis to the small, concrete Srebrenica bus station. Dozens of people scurried between the station and its curved driveway, adding to the air of chaos and panic. Mubina and Denis boarded a bus for Bosnia’s second largest city, Tuzla, where Ejub had a few family members. Ejub counted out the expensive fare in Yugoslav dinars, handing it to the conductor. They could have devised something better for her, he thinks. All of it lends the impression of a medical team so overwhelmed by the situation that they are no longer able to see what theycan achieve. They’ve all but given up. Eric thinks the burned-out, unmotivated doctors are finished. He doubts whether they will muster the strength to start treating their patients, even with the new supplies.* * *
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