Ilijaz steps back from the cot, shoulders hunched, holding his gloved hands slightly away from his sides. He looks as if he’s not sure what to do. The patient moans again and Ilijaz looks away from him, bringing his glance to rest on the room’s other cot. The man on top of it is completely naked except for a cloth placed over his genitals. purchase stromectol Days after Nedret’s arrival, the fighting around Srebrenica intensifies. Groups of local soldiers launch offensives and others fend off Chetnik advances. On August 8, with the hospital already full, the staff overwhelmed, and part of the enclave under fire, a group of soldiers plans a surprise raid on the Serb village of Je?estica, where Serb soldiers have directed cannon fire at a neighboring Muslim village for months. The action begins around noon. Some Srebrenicans stumble into a minefield and are carried back to the hospital. The remaining soldiers, many of them friends or family members of the dozens of Muslim men executed by Serbs in nearby Glogova at the start of the war, fire off a grenade and rush the village. Hand-to-hand fighting ensues and casualties mount. Serb civilians flee. Eight Serbs are killed. The Srebrenica soldiers take livestock and other valuables and set fire to homes. The Serbs counterattack, injuring and killing many of the withdrawing Muslims.

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