He has no assistant to expose tissue according to the display he needs, or to scan for blood vessels and, fingers dancing a delicate ballet with his, tie them off in silence. Instead, he has the help of an older pediatrician who is even less adept at surgery, the recently appointed director of the war hospital, Dr. Avdo Hasanovi?. The bulbous-nosed doctor seats himself on a stool across from Ejub, takes up the other of Srebrenica’s only two scalpels, and begins to stab at the patient’s calf as the nurse struggles to hold it steady. In the few weeks since my strange symptoms had begun, my dad had been spending much more time with me than usual. He was determined to support me as much as possible, but it was taking a toll on him; he had withdrawn from the rest of his life, even from Giselle. Since my breakdown in his apartment, he had also started keeping a daily journal, independent of the one he shared with my mom, not only to try to help him piece together the medical developments but also simply to help himself cope. After my second escape attempt, he wrote a heartbreaking entry about praying that God would take him instead of me. Generic tretinoin