AFTER ERIC AND THE INTERNATIONALS LEAVE the hospital, Ilijaz, Fatima, and Srebrenica’s other doctors and nurses bustle back up two sets of stairs and practically race to the small room where brown cardboard boxes filled with tons of medical supplies have been deposited. They pass around the packing lists. clomid 100mg success stories levitra buy levitra The idyll ended when he entered school. The schoolhouse walls and the daily commitments impinged on Ilijaz’s freedom, and he burst out to do his homework in the light of the open sky. Accidents of fate had guided his destiny from birth when his parents named him “Ilijas,” but the clerk writing the birth certificate misheard and wrote down “Ilijaz.” School was no different. His fate changed when a first-grade teacher failed to pick him for her class of “best” students. He started studying harder, resolving to disprove the teacher’s pessimistic forecast.